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Pregnancy Prenatal Class - Your Best Parenting Plan

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Being prepared for having a baby is the best gift you can give yourself.

Having a baby is both wonderful and scary at times. It's very common for pregnant women to feel stress during pregnancy in anticipation of how life will change after the birth of their new baby. That's why we created this easy to follow online prenatal class for mums-to-be to do in the comfort and privacy of home. If you're pregnant, you will feel much more organised, prepared and in control after completing our online prenatal class.

This online prenatal class is for pregnant mums-to-be who want to be fully prepared for motherhood and as a result reduce the stress and shock that can come about as a result of being unaware or unprepared for the journey ahead.

Prenatal Class Information

  • By the end of the course you should be able to gain an insight into what to expect in the first three months after childbirth

  • You will have a new way of coping with the emotional rollercoaster of new morherhood

  • You will have a baby care guide to help you with how to cope with common issues such as baby wind, cholic, sleeping issues, breastfeeding tips and teething

  • You will be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for the role of motherhood to protect against depression and anxiety


Best parenting book - FREE with our online parenting class for dealing with stress during pregnancyFor a limited time you will receive a free ibook copy of our best parenting book: Perfect Mum: How to survive the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood 

Being prepared for motherhood should be part of every mother's parenting plan

Being a mother is very rewarding, but can also be very challenging at times. As a mum you can often feel like you're juggling a million roles at the same time and never succeeding 100% at any of them. Feeling tired, on edge, insecure, guilty, anxious and stressed can place a significant strain on your health and the health of your relationships with you partner, friends, family and child/ren. Many mums suffer from postnatal depression, however, even more are dealing with negative emotions which may not be classified as postnatal depression, leaving these mums feeling ‘down’ and ‘on edge.

Being a mum is the hardest and most fulfilling job in the world. When you become a mum you embark on a new journey to care for your precious little fragile child - with very little real training. You learn the basics of child care, but no-one prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood. Along the way you either research or are given advice on the best ways to look after your child, but how can these theories be true for everyone when every child is different. If your child does not appear to be perfect, or you feel like you’re not coping as well as other mums, the guilt, anxiety and depression can easily sink in.

 How to Prepare For Motherhood

Our Pregnancy Parenting Class

This online parenting class offers you as a mum-to-be tailored tools to enjoy your experience of motherhood, by managing feelings such as guilt, anxiety, stress and depression.

Motherhood can be the most rewarding and yet trying job a woman will every undertake, particularly in the modern era where mothers place so much pressure on themselves to be perfect parents, partners and professionals. Whilst many mothers can weather the storm of motherhood without resulting is postnatal/antenatal depression or anxiety, the reality is that 1 in 7 Australian mums develop postnatal depression and up to 1 in 10 develop antenatal depression or anxiety.

This online parenting class is essential to lean how to stay positive and enjoy your time as a mother, without allowing the pressures of motherhood to affect your emotions, relationships, health or coping self confidence.  

What you'll gain from our online parenting class

Unlike most new mothers you will be truly prepared for motherhood. You will feel more relaxed, confident, organised and in control knowing you can handle your new role with confidence and ease.

Get started - Watch our SAMPLE video on the Top 10 Ways to Increase Happiness in Motherhood


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