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How To Build Self Confidence and Improve Self Esteem.

Creating healthy, happy and successful lives for over 10 years.

When you improve your self esteem, you can heal your relationships, you increase your motivation to lose weight, you perform better at work and you feel happier, healthier and more confident.

Boosting self esteem and self confidence is the basis from which we create all our products and services.


by Shannon @memoirsofaworkingmom

mummy testimonial for perfect mum

There are so many great things about motherhood but there are downsides, too. Am I right? Comparison. Inferiority. Isolation. Anxiety... just to name a few. We're constantly flaunting our highlight reels on social media for all to see but are so reluctant to reveal the hard things and share all parts of us. We need to stop this, Mamas. We need to break down our walls. We need to find the support we need to be happy, healthy, thriving mamas. That's why I'm so glad I found Lizzie O'Halloran's iBook, "Perfect Mum".

Lizzie (@coaching_for_new_mums) is a therapist, presenter, author, and mom. She wrote Perfect Mum to assist mamas like you and me to cope with common feelings such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. Perfect Mum seeks to support moms to feel confident, happy and less guilty in motherhood. It deals with how to cope with financial stress, how to reduce guilt and self doubt, how to make new friends to reduce loneliness, how to get healthy, how to get back into the workforce, how to feel good about being a SAHM and so much more.

You guys. You need this book. If not for you, then for one of your mama friends. Let's start being real about our feelings. Let's start breaking down our walls. Let's start helping ourselves. Let's start helping each other shall we?


Find out how you can build your self esteem today


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How healthy is your self esteem?

Self esteem test - how to improve self esteem

Take the self esteem test

  • Do you often feel you're not good enough
  • Do you suffer from anxiety?
  • Do you ever feel inferior to other people, worthless, or unattractive? 
  • Do you ever feel hopeless?
  • Do you ever feel like a failure? 
  • Do you feel sensitive?
  • Do you ever feel emotional and/or negative? 
  • Do you ever feel sad or angry, or tend to focus on the negatives in life? 
  • Do you fear new experiences?
  • Do you repeat the same patterns in personal relationships?
  • Do you ever lack confidence at work, in social situations, or in new relationships?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, it's highly likely you're experiencing either low self esteem or low self confidence.

Low self esteem impacts every aspect of your life

Low Self Esteem and Your career

When you suffer from low self esteem, you experience more anxiety, stress and depression at work. It becomes scary to take on new projects, you lose your trust in your abilities and skills and you fear taking on additional responsibilities. Low self esteem at work can also result in social anxiety and performance anxiety which impact your ability to present public speeches and network - both critical to more senior professional roles.

Low Self Esteem and Your Health

When you have low self esteem you feel unmotivated to engage in healthy behaviours and have a higher tendency to eat unhealthy foods. Low self esteem can also cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviours, such as excessive drinking, drug taking or emotional eating.

Low Self Esteem and Your Relationships

When you experience low self esteem you can sabotage relationships or lack self confidence to begin new relationships for fear of getting hurt. Low self esteem can cause you to push those close to you away and leave you feeling lonely and depressed if not addressed.

Low Self Esteem and Your Finances

Low self esteem is highly correlated with overspending. When you have low self esteem you can find pleasure in purchases. So, you can spend money you don't have in order to buy things that temporarily make you feel good. However, because the immediate gratification of overspending is usually closely followed by guilt, it's a recipe for further self criticism and even lower self esteem.

Improving Self Esteem in Key Life Areas

If you're looking for an effective affordable online self esteem building tool that you can complete at your own pace and in privacy, our How To Gain Confidence and Build Self Esteem Onlne Course is just for you. 

If your low self esteem and self confidence is significantly impacting on your career, you would most benefit from more personalised Wellness Coaching. Here you can discuss your specific situation and be guided with support and tools that are right for you and your particular circumstance.

Improving Self Esteem in Motherhood

When you're pregnant much of the focus is on the birth, with little preparation emotionally for how you're going to cope with your new role as a mother. If you want to be fully prepared for what lies ahead, then our very affordable online prenatal class of perfect for you.

If you are looking for a guide to support you through the early years of motherhood, or are currently looking for a take home guide to assist you with issues such as how to maintain the intimacy in your relationship after childbirth, how to reduce loneliness, how to get back into the workforce, how to make new friends, how to manage with a reduced income and so on... Then our best parenting book - Perfect Mum: How to survive the rollercoaster of motherhood is for you.

If you're struggling emotionally due to low self esteem and would prefer more perosnalised support, you would gain the most benefit from speaking to a Wellness Coach. Our Wellness Coaching is provided over the phone so you can access support without having to worry about organising a babysitter.

Improving Self Esteem to Lose Weight

Does it seem strange to you that there have never been more diets and weight loss programs on the market, yet the number of people who are overweight or obese is rising? How can this be? Well the answer is simple. These programs and diets do not deal with the underlying cause of most weight gain - low self esteem. When you lack self esteem you lack motivation and you increase self sabotage.

If you can relate to this, then our Revolutionary Weight Loss Program - Refresh Your Life is just what you've been looking for. This weight loss program is designed to boost self esteem and motivation whilst getting healthy and losing weight.

If you're struggling to be inspired by healthy meals that you and your family will enjoy, then why not try our sample feel good Easy Healthy Recipes. These recipes have been carefully prepared to ensure they not only taste delicious, but they are low in fat, sugar and processed ingredients.

Building self esteem and self confidence is the key to achieving a healthy, happy and successful life





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