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Help For Mums

●  Find Your Old Self Again
●  Be The Parent You Always Wanted to Become
●  Feel Completely Emotionally Prepared For Motherhood
●  Learn The Best Ways to Get Sleep and Help Your Baby Sleep
●  Finally Get The Solutions to Remove Guilt and Insecurities
●  Increase Your Self Confidence and Happiness

Welcome to the Help For Mums Section of selfesteemonline

Here you will find ‘mum-specific’ self esteem building tools and resources to meet your needs. From pre to post pregnancy, we’ve got your covered.

parenting and child temperament

Perfect Mum - The Definitive Guide to Support New Mums

“Perfect Mum is a fantastic resource for new mothers, particularly all the things you have mentioned in the chapter about relationships and coming to grips with all the outside influences”.
– Rita, Melbourne Mum of 2

Counselling for Mums

“I was nervous about counselling, but have been so pleased with the results. As a working single mum, I was feeling so overwhelmed and disorganised. Now I have a plan that I am comfortable with and works with my lifestyle to ensure I am on top of things and actually enjoy my time playing with my daughter, rather than constantly feeling guilty about not being available enough to meet her needs”.
– Jenny, Melbourne Mum of 1

Pregnancy - Preparing for Motherhood online course

“A few weeks prior to Tim being born, I started to panic after realising I was focussing 100% on his birth and had no clue about simple things like breastfeeding, how I was going to get him to sleep or even how I was going to cope with being unable to clean the house for a while. After completing this pregnancy preparation course, I felt so relieved and much more able to cope with the demands of motherhood once I arrived home – Thank You!”.
– Clare, Melbourne Mum of 1